SitStat cloud-based solutions present situational awareness wherever you are. Providing phone, tablet, and desktop access to real-time incident, units, hazards, alerts, and more. Configured for single agency or multi-agency use.

GIS Services
Comprehensive services for GIS data management, technology deployment, map production, spatial analysis, software system integration, needs assessment, and strategic planning.
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integrations
Supporting CAD-to-CAD integrations with project management and technical services that reduce costs and improve response times.

Fire Run Maps
Printed and online fire run maps produced from GIS provide a reliable reference to critical site information, including onsite resources, hazards, and adjacencies.

Site Plans
Site plans present site details —structures, hazards, and tactical response information—using standard map symbols for easy visualization and understanding. Services include site mapping, maintenance, and publication.

Technology Strategic Planning
Needs assessment and strategic planning for CAD, RMS, mobile technology, GIS, and radio communications. Provide feasibility studies, executive briefings, process facilitation, and implementation support.

Standards Of Coverage
Using GIS technology, we evaluate data and produce standards-of-coverage reports and visualizations. Fire Station and staging location decisions can be made based on numerous factors such as call volume, traffic, and demographics.