Interview by GovTech at ESRI Conference

Scott Doan Interviewed by Government Technology Magazine:

Modern GIS technology, especially with the rise in use of mobile devices, is changing the way emergency responders work in the field. SitStat’s Scott Doan was one of several GIS professionals interviewed by Government Technology magazine at the 2014 ESRI User Conference about how modern technology is changing public sector GIS.

“The ubiquity of online data means that more and more public sector workers are expecting to be able to access it on mobile devices,” the video piece begins. Mobile technology is allowing public sector workers to conduct more GIS work in the field, and it’s prompting them to expect more immediate service from GIS providers.

Scott_Doan“[We’re] putting the data in the hands of the person who can make decisions immediately, versus pulling data four months later. … We’re finding that the Fire Chief or police chief wants [analyticals] on their iPad or iPhone immediately.”

~ Scott Doan, SitStat

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