Grant Opportunities Increased with SitStat
Grants are available for public safety, firefighter and police safety, fire prevention, accountability, and regional cooperation.  These grants are available for individual agency projects, multi-agency projects, and cross discipline projects. Writing successful grant applications requires alignment of projects and beneficiaries with specific grant parameters.  SitStat provides many benefits that align with grant parameters.

SitStat Supports Grant Justification
Public Safety, Firefighter Safety, and Accountability are enhanced by many of the SitStat features.

  • Move up helps to better position resources to respond quicker to emergencies.
  • Hydrant data allows officers to make critical water supply decisions before arriving on scene.
  • Emergency Response GIS data helps officers make critical fire ground decisions before arriving on scene.
  • Site Plans assist officers and all responding resources to identify critical infrastructure while at or enroute to an incident.
  • Routing Instructions improve response times.
  • Live Traffic assists officers in choosing alternate routes in case of traffic backups.
  • Dispatch Notes help responders to better prepare for what they are going to encounter when on scene of a medical emergency while reducing radio traffic.
  • Filters and Bookmarks help reduce stress on Chief Officers because they are customizable for the officers particular responsibility.
  • A common operating picture allows all responders to view the same data, reducing confusion and assuring everyone has a common understanding of the situation.

Regional Collaboration
SitStat is designed to provide information access from multiple agencies resulting in a regional common operating picture.  Federal, State and local grant requirements often emphasize regional cooperation.

Fire Prevention
Site Plans present layout site details, floor plans, staging areas, and response plans. These programs are often managed as part of an overall Fire Prevention program. Grants may fund site plan development in order to facilitate the mobile-accessible platform that SitStat provides on a Regional level.