SitStat Features

Enhanced Access to Key Information
Fast access to incident, site, and resource information in a visual format helps identify and understand the situation.

Improved Decision Making
Managers have information from multiple sources to support tactical decision making.

Interagency Coordination
A common operating platform combines resource and incident information from multiple agencies, disciplines, and sources.

Site Plans Shared Across all Responders
The GIS map interface allows sharing of digital site plans between all authorized users across agencies. No longer necessary to rely on hardcopy binders.

Timely Alerts
Automatic alerts for various conditions deliver notifications on your phone, tablet, and in the map view as conditions change. Station move up alerts identify station areas needing attention for backfill assignments.

Better Emergency Response
Situational information is in the hands of the emergency responders in real time, online, and in visual map-based display.

Your Data, the Way You Need It
Your GIS data is integrated in SitStat to provide current high-quality information. Data may include beat areas, hydrant locations, gas shut offs, standpipe locations, and EMS posts.

Information Filtered to Meet Your Needs
Filters focus information presentation to support your responsibilities. Filter unit and incident information by discipline, agency, status, battalion, etc.

Traffic Jams Avoided
Live traffic feeds help responders choose the best routes and see traffic in relation to the incident and responder locations.

High Security
Security features protect system access, data transmission, and data storage, and manage access permission by user group.

Full Situational Awareness Through Graphic Map Display
Detailed map presentation shows the context of the incident in terms of topography, aerial photos, streets, and emergency resource information.

Real-Time Hospital Status
Up-to-date bed or ER status at trauma center hospitals allows responders to determine a hospital’s ability to receive patients.

Viewable on All Your Devices
Sitstat is accessible on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Get immediate access to real-time information in the field, in the vehicle, or in the office.

Fast Access to Unit or Incident Information
Ability to search for any unit or incident allows users to see status and incident location, supported by detailed information.

Rapid Deployment
SitStat is a cloud-based solution that is configurable to your agency’s data content, security, and volume of use requirements.