SitStat Leadership

Craig Gooch, SitStat Program Manager

Craig_GoochCraig Gooch is the Principal in Charge for strategy, sales, and customer service. He has 35 years experience designing and implementing advanced information systems for public safety and government.

Scott Doan, Public Safety Specialist

Scott_DoanScott Doan is responsible for design of SitStat to serve the fire, police, and EMS industry. He has 30 years experience in public safety serving in operational, administrative, and IT leadership roles. He has expertise in CAD integration, Dispatch Center and EOC Operations, incident response, mobile IT Solutions, and financial management as well as grant application and management.

SitStat Service Specialists

Keith Palmer, Technology Architect

Keith_PalmerKeith Palmer is responsible for SitStat’s technology architecture and design. He has 20 years experience as a software developer and system architect with specialization in GIS, database, and large-scale systems integration and operations.

Alex Evett, Technical Services

Alex_EvettAlex Evett is responsible for customer information integration within SitStat and interface testing. He has 17 years experience designing and implementing geospatial solutions. Alex has expertise in GIS analysis, cartography, data base design, quality management, and information integration.

Michelle Gould, Accounting

Michelle_GouldMichelle Gould is responsible for financial accounting and customer billing.

Liz Blair, Customer Service

Liz_BlairLiz Blair provides customer support for account setup and management. She oversees SitStat license management and billing services.

SitStat Directors

Ryan McLean, CEO

Ryan McLean, PLS is Psomas’ chief executive officer. Ryan oversees the strategic direction of the firm, including external growth through mergers and acquisitions and expansion of the firm into new geographic areas and service offerings.

Lee Whiteley, Director

Lee_WhiteleyLee Whiteley, PLS is the Corporate Director of the Survey and Mapping. In that capacity, he leads the largest survey operation in the Western U.S., with 11 survey teams and a staff of over 150 surveyors and technicians.

Loren Sokolow, CFO

Loren_SokolowAs Chief Financial Officer, Loren Sokolow has overall responsibility for all financial management of Psomas, including accounting, financial planning and cash management.

Debra Lambeck, General Counsel

Debra_LambeckAs General Counsel, Debra Lambeck is responsible for legal affairs, including Risk Management, contracts, acquisitions, and legal compliance.